2016 11 26 Lithuanian off-road championship VIII-th races

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    On 2016 11 26 „RC-CARS“ Association invites you to the VIII-th races of the Lithuania Off-road Championship 2016.

    The following model car classes will compete: 1/8 Buggy Nitro, 1/8 Buggy Electric, 1/5-1/6 Petrol 2WD, 1/10 Electric Beginner, 1/10 Electric Modified, 1/10 Electric Short Course.

    The race will take place in AURIDA off-road track. Pramonės g. 8, Panevėžys, LT. Attention!Start of the competition 9:00 am.

    Please have your own tables, chairs, extension leads and other inventory you may need.

    Registration for the competition has already started: REGISTER



    Food: Food would be not available to buy. Please take your own.

    Sponsors: HOBBYSHOP, RCQ, RCmodels, rcHobis, Zabo Durys, Spalvų Ratas, RC Dalys, Kavos Studija 8, Royal Popcorn, Perfekta Group, Panevėžio Pramonės Parkas, Propeleris

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